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                Unhappy with your office's Internet connection?


                Fiber in the Air Internet

                Experience guaranteed high-speed broadband connection bundled with wireless cable TV and work seamlessly with no interruption.

                Software Collaboration Solutions

                Solve tedious tasks by taking advantage of technology. Use the best productivity tools to improve your?business.

                IT Services and Integration

                There’s no need to?worry about migration, integration, website development and ground-up development work. Let NOW’s team of professionals do the work for you.

                IT Manpower Solutions

                Delegate your urgent projects to specially-trained IT Professionals. Have your on-call IT support team.

                Livestream Technical Services

                With NOW’s technical crew, get live streaming of your important events, powered by NEWSNET*

                Wireless Cable TV

                Use it for research, monitoring, or watch filled with the content that matter the most to you. In partnership with NEWSNET*

                *Livestream Techical Services and Wireless Cable TV are?in partnership with News and Entertainment Network, Inc. (NEWSNET).

                The Future is NOW.


                Preparing enterprises for the future

                Engaged in the use of technology, NOW Corporation’s IT services portfolio enables digital transformation for enterprises.

                With businesses in the Telecommunications, Media, and Technology space, NOW offers software licenses and integration, IT manpower solutions, and a fast-growing broadband service.

                NOW offers?bundled services by providing enterprises with?guaranteed Fiber broadband connectivity with collaboration software, cloud services, live streaming technical services, web development, and wireless cable TV.

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                Enabling digital transformation
                for enterprises


                Broadband Activated Areas


                Software Licenses Sold


                Professionals Deployed


                NOW Fiber Air Logo - Official

                Fixed Wireless Broadband

                Experience guaranteed high-speed broadband connection bundled with wireless cable TV and work seamlessly with no interruption.

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                IT Manpower Service

                Fulfill your urgent IT manpower needs as we develop and offer careers of highly-driven and competent IT knowledge professionals

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                website express

                Website Development

                Get more transactions with an eCommerce website. It’s a powerful channel to reach new markets and the first step in establishing legitimacy.

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                Giving enterprises the essential tools they need
                for maximum workplace productivity
                request a call back.

                Would you like to speak to one of our customer service representatives over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also send us a message via email at customerservice@now-corp.com.

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